Saturday January 15, 1921




A bad day. Ice on the
ground and trees. It has thawed
some today. Jim & Ben worked
on tobacco all day. Ben milked
for me this morning. Josie got
dinner and supper. She baked
a cake and cooked beans.
I ironed some and mended
some and set by the fire.

Heard this morning that
Mrs Marsali fell on the ice
and hurt her arm badly.
I am afraid to go on ice much.
I went to the spring and
hen house and watered the
calf to day. Did not fall.

Mr Owens baby is very
sick. The dr went to see
him tonight. I am sorry for
any one to be sick any time
and this is such bad weather. An oil
tank come in here today. The roads is
so bad that no one is going much.

Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

Since that house has never had central heat, I wonder what the oil tank was for? Perhaps it was to power the generator?