Monday January 3, 1921




A cloudy morning. Clear
this evening. Ben & Owin filled
up a mud hole in the road.
Ben broke his plow beam.
Jim come at twelve.
They put some tobacco
in the pit.

Josie went
to Marvins this morning and
Carrie come here a little
while this evening. She
left all the children at

I ironed some
this morning. Mended my
this evening.

Miss Eliza Carter called on
Carrie this morning a few
minutes. Charley Harvey
brough Jim from Gretna
this morning.

Henry went to Marvins
to night.

8 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Linda Tucker

Ben, what do you want me to do about her writing the day of the week above each entry? Apparently this newest journal omitted that in each page's heading.