Saturday, January 31, 1920

Saturday, January 31, 1920

A very disagreeable day. The men folks hauled wood. Jim made a fire & filled up the pot for me to wash. I was glad of the help that was. Josie got dinner. I washed some & killed a hen for dinner tomorrow. Josie churned for me this morning.

Henry has gone to Marvin's to play Rook, all the rest has gone to bed except Jim & I.

8:30 oclock

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Memorandum (i)

Memorandum (i)

We heard this morning that Mrs Carson is dead and will be buried at the Worsham home tomorrow. I am sorry for her people especialy for children.

The last in this little book.

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Sunday, February  1, 1920

Sunday, February 1, 1920

A colde cloudy day. The boys rambled a round some. I got dinner this evening. I went to Marvins. Kate and Irvin Harvey come there a little while. Marvin went to Mrs Carsons burial. Came home while I was there. Josie staid with the children all day. Stewart Owen is sick. There is a lot of sickness a bout now. 9 oclock

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Monday, February  2, 1920

Monday, February 2, 1920

A cloudy morning. Clear this evening. Ben & Jim got wood all day. Josie got dinner. I ironed all the morning. Carrie come down a few minutes. This evening Josie & Franklin & Mabel went to Marvins. A man come here this evening selling medicine. We did not buy any thing from him. Tonight Jim & Ben has gone to Renan. I sewed on my quilt some tonight.

8 oclock

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Tuesday, February  3, 1920

Tuesday, February 3, 1920

A very bad day. Rained all day. The worst we have had yet. [?] could not do anything out of doors. They shucked a little corn. Josie got dinner. I churned and sewed on my quilt. The children went to school. They got wet comeing home. Ben met them at Mr. Hutcherson. [?] oclock

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