Saturday, January 24, 1920




A bad day, rained most of the day. The boys could not work out any. Tom Edmons come this morning taking census. Josie got dinner. I washed dishes. After dinner I finished a quilt that I pieced for Josie of her pieces. Tonight Marvin & Paul come. They are playing auto cards. Henry has a very bad cough. I am uneasy a bought him. The baby cried so that Josie had to quit playing.
9 30 oclock

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Neil Brumfield

"Auto cards" - probably Touring -
From Wikipedia: Touring is a specialty card game. Originally patented by the Wallie Dorr Company and produced in 1906, it was picked up by Parker Brothers in 1925.

It is widely believed the popular French card game Mille Bornes was derived from Touring.