Wednesday, January  8, 1919

Wednesday, January 8, 1919

A good day. Ben worked on Owens house this morning and went after Jim Brumfield this evening. Henry Blair brought Jim a part of the way.

Henry Brumfield went with his father. Mr Owen come down to night and they played cards. Virginia Harvey is here tonight. Josie sewed some today. Josie and I both had a hand in getting dinner. Josie went to Marvins a few minutes. I cut rags for a rug & darned stockens. 10 : oclock

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Thursday, January  9, 1919

Thursday, January 9, 1919

A cold windy day. Ben went to Glenland this morning to the meeting of the School Board. This evening he worked on Owens house. Jim Brumfield helped him today on the house. Josie and Virginia made some candy today. They got dinner. I worked some button holes in Hazel Smith's dresses and mended some things. Late this evening Edna and I went to Carries.

Virginia is here tonight.

Alma Bennett sent me a present today, a dress ready to wear. I am glad of it.

10 oclock and the wind is blowing hard and it is very cold.

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Friday, January 10, 1919

Friday, January 10, 1919

A clear cold day Ben and Jim worked on Owens house. Josie ironed some and got dinner. I sewed some. This evening I went to George Blairs. Denia & Isla was helping strip tobacco.

Cordie and Nettie was busy at the house. I bought two pounds of butter at 50 cts a pound and Denia gave me one pound.

I got a letter from Alma Bennett today.

9 oclock

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Saturday, January 11, 1919

Saturday, January 11, 1919

A good day Mr Owen went to the mill did not get his grinding done.

Ben put shoes on the horses this morning. Jim & Ben worked on Owens house this evening.

Josie sowed this morning I got dinner. I finished two pair of drawers for Ben. Worked the button holes and sowed on the buttons to night.

Ben has gone to Strait Stone to night it is lodge night.

9 oclock

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Sunday, January 12, 1919

Sunday, January 12, 1919

A good day we all staid at home until evening.

Jim & Ben and I went to Marvins. Reese & Paul and Roy come here a while this evening. Today was Henry Brumfields birth day. He was born January the 12th 1833.

If he could of lived he would be 86 years olde.

I am glad that them that is living are well at this time. There is so much sickness that I am in constant dread that some that is dear to me will have the dreadful disease and die as so many others has that was dear to some one.

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