Tuesday, July 15, 1919




A good morning. Rain this
evening and tonight. The branch
has bin out of the banks and
washed a way the foot bridge
the third time in the last

Ben & Jim & Owen plowed
in their tobacco this morning.

Nellie made preserves and caned
berries all the morning.

Josie got dinner. I milked two
cows and Josie one. She helped me

Wren Worsham carried me
& Henry and Isla Blair to Worshams
to fish. I caught 4 small carp.
I was glad to get them. We got
back as far as George Blairs before
it rained. George Jr brought us home.
I am glad that they are so good to me.
I eat dinner with Wren & Isla at a good
spring on the hill.

Suiter? Blair
and wife & son come to George Blairs
this evening. I wanted to see
Denia but she was at Ethels.
I milked the cows after supper.

10:30 oclock

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