Tuesday, July 8, 1919




A good day. Jim & Ben
fixed up the fence that washed down
Sunday night. This evening Jim
went & helped George Blair thrash
wheat. Ben and Owen hauled up
. Josie got dinner. She cooked
cabbage and potatoes & symblings.

This evening Marvin carried Gladys
and Effie Brumfield to White Falls
fishin. We caught several small
fish. They finished mending the
race & commenced grinding
new wheat

I droped my knife in the
river. The water was mudy
so that I could not see it.
I got down and felt for it and
found it. I know it is foolish to
to write about it but I keep
thinkin a bout the surprize
that I found it.

10:30 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

The phrase "mending the race" looks quite clear, but doesn't make much sense. What could a race be?

Neil Brumfield

From Wiki - A mill race or raceway is the current or channel of a stream, esp. one for conducting water to or from a water wheel. I believe they were typically made of wood and at Cedar Forest I think it was a wood trough about two or three feet wide that carried the water to the buckets on the water wheel. Note that she mentions a storm that washed the fence apart on Sunday night. The same storm probably damaged the mill race.