Monday, June 30, 1919




A good day. The men chopped
in the tobacco.

Josie got dinner
and washed this evening.

I went to White Falls fishin.
Grace Brumfield carried me
from Renan & brought me
that far back. I walked home.
I saw five plows going
in one field at Johnson
and mowing at
the same time.

10 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

Is there a chance the five plows could have been "moving at the same time" instead of "mowing at the same time"? Mowing is inconsistent with plows, but then mowing hay would be quite reasonable for June.

Linda Tucker

I paused over this when I transcribed it and decided that perhaps she meant that five plows were going in one field and that mowing was also occuring, though not by those same five plows.

Neil Brumfield

Suspect Linda got it correct - it was remarkable to see five horses being used to plow a field, all at the same time, but certainly not impossible if the farmer had the hands and help. The mowing was probably being done with a two horse drawn sickle bar mower in another field.