Wednesday, April 30, 1919




A cloudy day and some
rain. Julia and the baby. Mrs Farmer
and Mollie and I went to the
citty park. It rained so that Julia
& the baby staid under a shelter. The
rest of us looked a round. There was
a lot to look at. Fowls & flowers &
animals. We got back to Howards
and eat supper. John & Henry
come. Then we went
to a picture show. While we
were waiting for a car the fire
bell rang. We went to see
them throw water with their pump
It is all a show for them
that dont live in town.
I certainly do wish that Ben &
Josie & Carrie could be there and
hear & see for a while. Julias baby
cried a heap. I am a fraid it is
not well.

This is wrote Thursday evening.
I for got to write last night.
Having such a big time.

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