Saturday, April 12, 1919




A good day. I went
with Mr Dews to Cedar
. Mrs Lewis went also.
Jim Brumfield carried me as
far as Dews home. We
then went on a waggon.
Mr Mayhew & Robert
went on Mayhews truck.
I never saw as many people
fishing on one day.

Nellie & Evylin come to day.

Mr. Owen went after
guano. There was lots of
people hauling fertilizer.

Wren come over to the
river where I was and talked
with me a while. I certainly
did appreciate his comeing.

10 oclock

I left everything for Josie to do to
day. Milkin and churning & cookin.
I would like to do what I think is right
a bout the work but cant do
enough to suit them not if I stay
at home and work all the time.

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Ben W. Brumfield

I suspect that this Mr. Mayhew is the Willie Mayhew who had a 13-year-old son named Robert at this point.