Wednesday, April 2, 1919




A colde day. There was
ice plentiful this morning.
Ben cleaned up the branch.
Jim plowed until dinner
then Mr. Owen plowed until

Josie went to Marvins
and got salit for dinner.
She got dinner. I went
to Mr Owens and bathed
the little baby this evening.
I went to Mollies, and
got salit from Posies garden.
Mrs Hutcherson was there. She
had bin to the store. Dr Owens
is very sick. I hope she
may soon be well. Posie Reynolds
come down here this evening
and got cickamore bushes to
plant. I heard to day a bout
Cliftons boy. Jim & Ben has
gone to night to Renan to get
some cottens[coulters?] to work with
tomorrow. Hope they will soon be

9 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

Could these be "coulters"? Since they've been plowing, it sort of fits the context -- especially if "cleaning up the branch" is the essentially clearing it for planting.

Linda Tucker

Coulters makes perfect sense. I had assumed, though, that all the clearing they were doing in the branch had to do with removing the debris of winter so that the water would flow unimpeded. It never crossed my mind that they would plow it. In addition to drinking water, it provided the "flushing" water for the outhouse. This is a question for Mabel, I think.