Saturday, March 1, 1919




A good day. Ben & Jim cut
all day. They have gone to
the store at Renan to night.
Mr Mayhew come here tonight
but did not stay as the boys
was gone. Josie is some better
off at this time. Nellie was
sick to day. Josie baked pies
for dinner today.

Henry & Reese went to Renan
this morning. Josie sent for
Salmon. This evening they went
to the school house after Sophia
the dog. I went to Marvins
a while this evening. They were
all well. Eva has commenced

9 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

Salmon? Is that a name of a person (Solomon) or a fish?

Neil Brumfield

Salmon - fish, canned. "Eva has commenced crawling"

Neil Brumfield

The zoom doesn't seem to respond to the part of the page picked on. I think it was working better than this. The problem may lie with the beholder.