Wednesday, October 22, 1919




A cloudy day warm and good.
Ben & Owen worked on the wheat
land. Jim has not bin well. He had
the tooth ache and his jaw is
swolen. Josie got the most of the
dinner. Nellie attended to the

To day is my birth day. I am 73
years olde. I got up at five oclock
and got breakfast. Seven: milked
two cows then churned.
Washed 68 pieces and went
to Marvins. Come home and milked.

Nellie & Josie got the supper.
I kept the baby.

Ben said he would carrie me
to the river. I had no one
to go with me. Thought I
would wait and go some other
day if I can.

I started John a letter
to day.

Ben has gone hunting to night.

8:30 oclock

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