Saturday, December 7, 1918




A cloudy day. Ben worked
on Owens house. It has bin a
busy day with Josie and I.
Josie ironed most all day.

I went down to the cook room
15 to four oclock made a fire
washed the supper dishes then got
breakfast. Called the rest of them
then we eat. After breakfast I
cut up two pumpkins and put them
on to cook then put on some meat
to cook fed two calves and brought a
bucket of water then milked two cows
and sloped the pigs put on a liver
and face to make scrappel then
churned. Josie made bread and coffee for dinner.
I washed up a lot of things and took up
the meat for dinner then eat dinner. Took
up the pumpkins and meat for scrapple
and made the scrappel. Janie Gravley and Lucius
Muriel Gravley and Effie Brumfield stopped
here a few minutes on their way
home from Danville. Well I have not
room for any more.

9 oclock

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