Monday, November 16, 1918 (original)




A cloudy morning.

Before we finished eating breakfast
Mr Layne come to get his calf.
I got him in the stable and
Ben tied him but they could not
carry him home he was so stubborn.
Ben and Owen lost about two hours
time then they went to work.

Ben put a yoke in the cow this morning.
Henry and I worked on the fence nearly
all the morning. The calves was in
the pasture to night. Ben worked on his
pigs to day. Doris Brumfield and C Reynolds
come a while this evening. Josie planted
some hyacinths bulbs to day.

I brought in my daghlia
this evening.

I put on a pair of new shoes
to day. I went up [ink mark]

Well I went to sleep and made a mark.

10 oclock

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Ben W. Brumfield

Apparently this page was used for November 16, then pasted over. This accounts for the two versions of November 16.