Saturday, November 16, 1918 (revised)




A cloudy day. Mr Layne
was here early this morning after
his calf that was here. They caught
it and then could not carrie it
home. It was so sullen they could
not make it go. Ben and Owen lost
a bought two hours with it. Ben
put a yoke on one of the cows
here this morning.

Doris Brumfield and Christenia
come a while this
evening. I went to Carries
a few minutes this evening.

Ben and Josie has gone to Lee
to night.

William Gilbert brough the clothes
that Hattie washed after they
was gone.

10 oclock

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Ben W. Brumfield

I'm really confused here. The 1992 transcription of this page seems to diverge a lot from the wording in the page image.