Thursday, March 7, 1918




A good day. Ben and
Tom and Chesley Edmons and
Owen sawed barn logs.

I went to see Charles
. I eat dinner
with Kate Harvey. Josie
staid at home and fixed for
company to night. Effie
and Hellen Brumfield and
Lillian Peak come here
from school. Tom and
Chesley Edmons come they
are playing cards.

To night there is a
light in the north. I wrote
on the wrong page a few
nights ago. Mrs Kellie
was at Renan. She said
that Otie Kellie was gone to
get him a new car.

Henry and Edna is in
the parlor to night.

9 o:clock

Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

The 1992 transcription read the 13th and 14th lines as "are playing cards tonight. There is a"

Ben W. Brumfield

Would the barn logs have been material for building a log barn, or fuel for curing tobacco?

Neil Brumfield

You are correct on the tonight - meteor, northern lights? The barn logs were likely building material for a barn raising later in the year - look for one later on.