Tuesday, March 5, 1918




A beautiful day.

Ben and Marvin finished
shuckin and cribbing corn this
evenin. Ben went to Jim Powers
to try to sell Frank Mays
horse. Mays shucked corn in
his place. Ben brough Josie
and the baby home from Mrs
. I heard that Ethel
has a girl born this

To night Frank and George
and Irvin Craddock and
Jim Craddock come here and
staid until bed time.
Irvin staid all night.

I went to Carries a while
this evenin.

Henry went to school.

Edna went to Carries.

10:40 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

What does "cribbing corn" mean?

Ben W. Brumfield

And who is "the baby"? Would that be Franklin in 1918? In March, he'd be a toddler, I think.

Neil Brumfield

Corn was kept in a corn crib. Usually a log building that wasn't chinked. See Wiki.
Franklin, see March 1.