Wednesday, February 27, 1918




A beautiful day.

Ben worked until noon
then went to Mr Carrs
burial. Josie and Franklin
was down there. I got dinner
then went with Ben to the
burial. Henry went to school.
Edna staid at Carries all
day. We heard to day that
Buck Farmer was buried
to day. I set three hens
this evening the first that
I have set. Mr Owen plowed
to day the first plowing that
has bin done here this year.
We had salet for dinner
the first that we have had
this year.

9 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

Would "salet" have been boiled greens in this case?

Neil Brumfield

Salad - boiled turnip greens often eaten with a sprinkling of vinegar or sweet pickle juice.