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Dr Alexander A S Garotte

To Cash a/c for this sum}
paid P. L Grasty in full [pRects?] 5.75
[total] $5.76

Carried to folio (6)

Dr Pannill

paid them in full $ 13

Dr. E. Y. Wimbish

Date Entry Dollars Cents
1836 March 12 To cash paid you in full} by Mr Smith [pRect?] 5/3 - 87
Dr. Samuel Pannill Dr
1833 Sep 4 To Cash lent you as pr Bond $200 -
To Mr 12 months to this day 12. -
1834 Apl 4 Red in cash the Mr 12 -
Due the 4th Sept 1834 $200 -
-- -- To 20 Bushel wheat delvd this day price to be settled before Aprl [pRect?] @
Mr Pannill to myself has had a settlement since Sept as pr 100 -
statement this Bond for pd

[written across lines] settled [/written across lines] [written up right margin] paid [/written up right margin]
[left margin] The flour SP sent me[/left margin]

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