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J. V. Gustofson.


On arrival at No. 3 Personnel Reception Centre,
Bournemouth, F/O Gustofson was posted to No. 1657 Conversion
Unit, Stradishall, Suffolk, where he trained as air gunner
on Stirling bomber aircraft. On the 30th April, 1943, he
proceeded to No. 90 Squadron, West Wickham, Cambridgeshire.

On the 30th May, 1943, F/O Gustofson was a member
of a crew of a Stirling bomber aircraft which, on returning
from a raid over Wuppertal, Germany, crashed approximately two
miles north of Stradishall, F/O Gustafson and all remaining
members of the aircraft, excluding one R.A.F. member, losing
their lives. This was F/O Gustafson's first operational flight.
He was buried with Service Honours in the Haverhill Cemetery,

5/2/11627 AS2
190 hrs. as air bomber.

Mrs. M.E. Gustofson (W)
17 Pembroke Street,

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