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[sentence upside down] What has become of Franny Hanson
Do you ever hear from
I proposed moveing [moving] to Hamilton
he says he would rather go to Town
I told him twas my Idea, to live
in Town some nice healthy Town
like Austin then we could send
our boys in time to the Univers-
ity, for I could never send
them from me to college when
they were old enough, He does not
know what he shall do wuld [would]
it not be nice for me to live in
Austin I could step in the cars
and see you any time and vise
versa, And you think I am
building too high an air
castle. I expect so. Oh a farmers
life does not suit Mr Smith
and I detest it.
Well they & Tommie sends
over so many messages to the
children Kate I have a

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