McFarland-Russell Letter, September 7, 1880 - Page 2




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is down [wed?] the [bend?]
was made [aster?] last spr
ing, well Kate I think
the chance is good for me
to [?] my hors I [? ?]
up [? ?] will [? ?]
[? ?] he will [hum?]
a trad all than it mabe
all [rite?] he onley [?] the
[?] timber to me if
Judge Wingate [? ?]
the timber before he bout
the land their fore I will
[?] to hold it I rote to
Judge now all a bout it
I dont think that he will
ancer it [? ?] to fine
out all the [?] withe
Wingate and Arch see if
he [?] the land timber
all to gather or not if he
did [? ?] Judge to show

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