McFarland-Russell Letter, January 7, 1880 - Page 3




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I did think they would come to see one while
Mr Smith was gone knowing how [?] I would
be but wishing to that they did not come
I use to think they would never give me up
so but I never see nor hear from them now
no more Than if I think a thousand miles
away, I will be a long way off if I live another
year I expect, Mr Smith intends going to Ham-
ilton as soon as he can, there is a railroad in
the County so you see I can come back to see you
and the boys in some time,
There is nothing of importance that has transpired
in the neighborhood lately,

Henry says tell Cecile that if she will come
up to see him he will give her one of his fine
Pigs he says he has eight pigs and he has given
a pig to half the people in the neighborhood
Tommy is learning to talk.

I do not hear from [?], have not heard
from [Jeffs?] children in ever so long
has Sam got any thing for his horse yet he
let [?] have,
I was surprised to see the months

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