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of 10000 00/100 which he would get for half
but he is the same man that was at Orange
I guess they do not want the proper heirs
it may be it will come out after while
I think I will [?] at is some soon.
The Court acted on the Estate matter
last Monday. They approved of all the
businesses that has been done. allowing
the heirs one half of the community
property, which ammounts to between
twenty nine and 50/100 dollars, and thirty dollars
to each heir. This money is ready
to be paid out to the heirs, but I
don't wish to send it by Registered
letter without I knew it would suit
them. You will please let me know.
I don't know when I will go to Orange
if you know any thing of E.E Fogger please
write to her that her money is ready, and write
me where she is and if she wishes me to
send the money by registered letter, and who to
I have never been able to get a letter to
her yet, and I will not send the money on any
risk of my own to her, Tell Bob that the
money that has been collected, went to buy claims
that had a proferency to his but that the amt that the
lands sell for will be divided equally between
the claims that class with his, but the land money
will not come in for twelve months. Yet, hope to
hear form you soon. Remain your affectionate Bro

R.E. McFarland

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