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yurs first, so if I do not a big lengthy one remember yours
was written first. I cannot put off writing to Isabella any
longer she might write and ask why so silent; we recieve
a letter last mail from her and yes they are in good health
but had move from Colorado. I will too have forgotten
the name of the town they live in. I miss her so much more
as when she first left: Sam was here today. he might
come every day as to that: I might tell you what he said
but would rather not, enough any how he will think I did, I might
not to have written this: Ma says she would like very much to go
down there but cannot be persuaded to go her health is
very bad a great deal worse than when you was up she says
she would be so very glad to see Mrs. Russell. I know it
would do her good to see her, and Mrs. Russell I want
you to bring her up to see Ma, if you do not I will not
write very same long letters, nor anything that would please
you. If you love letters as I do from friends you would
(illegible), the cough Ma has is what keeps her as low, she
tried to get Dr. Rogers Compound Syrup of (illegible) but fail
to get it in Orange and Saline (illegible), she tried Wine of
(illegible) but it done her very little good if any;
We received a letter from sister Lizzie today we look
for her Saturday she is teaching school up on Thickety
she boards in Col. Kyles' family; Annie's school isn't

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