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picture; well Mr Russell I have been
thinking to give my picture [illegible] to miss
get^ting only more long letters, Now I do not
[illegible] think that quite fair; so it would
be almost impossible to get my picture
I have none but what you have ^seen (and the
originial is not very good) so do not short
[illegible] your letters on that account, there is
artist living eight miles of here
I have never seen any of his taking
probably you are acquainted with him, his [illegible]
[illegible] [illegible] Saxon[?}

Jim asked me if Mas cough was any
better; every since she has been taking
that tar Syrup her cough has been
getting better. I am in hopes [illegible] many
^[illegible] she will be cured of her cough.

Mr Russell I did not think you would
remember what I said when you was up
[illegible] way [illegible] at things but she wont
say I told her anything:
if I wrote any things in my last letter to
offend you I did not mean to ^do so
I have often heard of the [illegible]
Wintzell but have not had the pleasure

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