McFarland-Russell Letter, April 20, 1891 - Page 2




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have you visit our section of
country see our Town and get
acquainted with its people and
see our rich black lands—

Although, we will not promis to
entertain you as royal as you
Orange people did us while at youre
Town; However, if you will come
we will do our best to make
you pleasent while among us.

We have no rivers no saw-mills
no huge forests of Timber; but
we have large farmes, fine stock
Flouering mills, Corn mills and
Cotton Gines; and I might
add deep mud at times as
that is the case just now for it
has been raining here constantly
for the last Eight or Ten days,

Hopeing to see you or heare from
you again I will close by saying goodby.

B. B. Braly

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