MacFarland-Russell Letter, April 1881 - Page 5




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thick black hair not any longer than dolls yet
one was a great deal larger than the other.

I was taken with no one here only a Negro
woman that never had any experience in the matter
but she did the work well. Mr Smith was
feeding the stock and Katy could not leave me to
go after him, he got the Dr here in a little while
well in about two hours. I pray to god that I may
never have two such hours to endure again.
The AfterBirth was more painful to discharge than the
babes, I am all right now well I was not sick
any at any time only I had to take care of my
self well that is enough of that do not let Bob
see this, It looks like the cold weather will never
cease we have no vegetables yet. Oh yes I am
so sorry you lost your cows, I do not know any thing
about your cow at Eds only that she had a
calf and was very thin, Ed was here last Monday
night but I had a good deal to attend to and
did not get to talk much and I thought he would
spend the week here of nights that is, and
he has not been back since, I do not know
what to think of it we offered him a horse

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TW: The top portion of the letter talks about the writer's miscarriage and experiences relating to that.