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Newton Newton Co Texas
April 1881

Mrs Kate C Russell

Dear Sister

I recieved your
letter the first day that I was allowed to get
out of bed, for twelve days. I had to stay in
bed, I wrote to you a bout my suffering so
with my back I thought it was cold but for
a bout six weeks I was threatened with abor
sion, and finely on the eve of twelveth of
March I miscarried with twin girls at six
months, I do not know the cause unless it was an
over supply of water that had accumulated. Oh I
suffered I was so large and felt like I would
burst open, and looked like it too. one was a live
when born. One still born. I think it was dead sever
al days before confinement. I never felt them
move but very little at any time, I do wish I
had had good luck with them, two little
girls and they were perfectly formed & so prettie

[Cross text at top of page]
The health of
The family is
good only colds
Mr Smith has
had a hard
time lately
with cold
and light chills
and fevers but
he is getting
well now. I was uneasy
about him he did
look so badly,
I wrote to Brother
But has not answered
so I bid him adieu
he has not written to
me since I have been
and he told Mr Smith
to tell me to write and
I did, but I will never do
it again unless he writes
to me and I can tell him so.

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TW: the top portion of this letter talks about the writer's miscarriage.

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