McFarland-Russell Letter, April 16, 1871 - Page 3




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and if you dont send me your picture I won't write you
any more long letters. Kate you said that I must excuse
bad writing so you must do the same for I won't promise
you that I will ever do any better for I could not if I
were to try so we both will make that agreement, you
must also excuse foolscap as my Initial Paper is not large
enough for as long a letter as I will write this evening. I saw
Miss Annie & Miss Noe Wintyelle at church today I guess
you are acquainted with them they use to live in Newton.
I think Miss Annie is much the best looking, by the way.

Mr. H. S. was down last week and I got after him
about what you told me and he denied the charge, though
I never told him who told me so I should rather (he) think
it was Miss Cochsion? than Mrs. F. if reports are
true. So you think it is a long time before Peaches refren?
do you? You might see me bfore that time for all you know.

Tell your Ma she must excuse me for telling that story. Will
got off Monday morning before I got to see him and as
you have made the Syrup yourself I will not send
her any. Please let me know if it does her any
good. Tell me who that young man was that had Mands
picture. I have not said anything to her about it yet.

Kate, you judge me harshly, you said that expIained had half.
Do (tell)your other correspondants that I would rather a case of
letters from than to read yours. I assure you that that is not so.
I judge from what you say that your letters are one secret you keep
from Mag you told me when I was there that you told her all of your
secrets and she kept hers to herself that's right keep one secret from her

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