Funeral Notice, July 19, 1899



Funeral Notice, July 19, 1899

Funeral Notice, July 19, 1899


[Illustrated Stamp: WOODMEN OF THE WORLD DUM TACET, CLAMAT.] [a drawing of a dove with an olive branch flying over a felled log with a wedge, an axe, and a mallet in and nearby]

All Members of Phoenix Camp No. 32, Woodmen of the World, are requested to assemble at the Forest, in Odd Fellows' Hall to-morrow morning, July 19th, at 8 o'clock to attend the funeral of Sovereign T. Lowe, member of Camp No. 11, Lockport, Louisiana.

Visiting Sovereigns especially invited. By order, J. W. Thompson, Consul Commander.

Orange, Texas, July 18, 1899.

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