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[Illegible writing at the top of the page that might be a title]

Chairman [Renny] said[illegilbel] education
does not demonstrate [illegible section]
women [illegible] as scholars who simply
attend long enough to make a blouse or
dress or some single garment. The
successful [illegible] have not had
technical education [illegible] efforts
in this direction are to new so
have yet had any influence. Same of the
U.S.A I found only 2 good technicals
schools from Chicago to the Coast [illegible]
Armour at Chicago and the technicalogy
of Boston. Thought Scotch "humanities"
was a good preparation for a successful

The Lady Miss Macmillan.
"on E what it is & is not" - first part
is more important & if you understand
it you need give little time to the other.

"E is an awakening" stimulus from

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Line 12:technicalogy is transcribed as written
Lines 18 and 20: Don't know what 'E' is.