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Jim would be cast quite in the shade by this
masticating monster. Why, he ate slice after
slice as fast as the other fellow could
cut it off the loaf. The other fellow soon
became tired of bread-cutting however and
suddenly grabbing a chicken by the legs, he
wrenched it in two and commenced to dvour
it. What in Sam Hill are you doin'? mumbled
the fat man between the bites. "Trying to get
a start," said the other. "Well you might
eat like a gentleman." "Not when I'm so
badly handicapped," returned the other fellow
After they had sampled all the goods
and stuffed themselves to their utmost
capacity, the pair fell asleep like gorged
vultures. They continued thus until it
was time to turn into our berths. The
fat man woke first with the exclamation
"Say old many I don't feel quite so comfortable
as I did." "Nor so hungry either"

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