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chickens, six roasted ducks, a boiled ham, about
a dozen cans each of sardines and kippered
herring and four cases of corned beef. Then
in canned fruits there were about nine of
peaches, plums and apricots, three each of
cherries, pears and strawberries together
with several jars of marmalade and honey.
Then out came what looked to be about
a ten pound hunk of cheese which the fat
man appropriated. There were also at least
then loaves of bread and a five pound
crock of butter.

When they had arranged these items the
pair "dug in". Such a devastation! Talk about
an earthquake swalling a town -
it isn't in it. The sight of that big fat
pillow stowing away bread and cheese inspired
me with an idea. What a fine hit
he would make as a travelling "ad" for
my firm, the Force Food Company, Sunny

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