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Adjt. Insp. Genl's Office
Richmond, September 7. 1861.
[stamp] ALA. DEPT. ARCHIVES & HISTORY MRD [/stamp]

Special Orders
No. 146

X... Paragraph VIII. S.O. No. 131 A & J.P.G. of August 22d 1861. is revoked and the resignation of the undermentioned officers of the 3rd Regiment Alabama Volunteers, have been accepted by the President, to take effect August 13th 1861. Viz:

Capt. W. G. Andrews.
1st. Lieut. John C. Marrast.
1st. Lieut. E.R. Spaulding.
2nd. Lieut. John Welden.
2nd. Lieut. Saml Coles.
2nd. Lieut. James E. Davis.
2nd. Lieut. Averill.

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Note: the writing across the 1st paragraph is bleed through from the reverse side of the page, and not transcribed here.