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endeavour to make it more equal.

When the last order was received there was not hands enough left on this side of the river Subject to Impressement to fill the order. Consequently, I postponed the call untill the first day of Jany - on which day (cold as it was) I sent off forty eight hands with provisions to last for Seventy days.

One of the difficulties that I met with in getting hands - many of the Planters are engaged in making Nitre Barrels for the Government and claim exemption upon this ground. I have been instructed by the department at Moblie not exempt any such unless they have been impressed by Gen Johnston Polk or Hooker.

The law will have to be informed against these men as they have refused to send after having been repeatedly called upon to do so.

Your Excellency will please instruct me how to Execute the Confederate Act of Impressment upon

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