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C. S. Arseual
Montgomery, Ala. January 4, 1864

His Excellency,
T. H. Watts,
Governor & C Governor:
I have the honor to report the following results of my inspection of the Rifles you sent me.

The bright barrel rifle is too defetive to entitle it to any recommendation whatever. I would not receive any such work. If you had not mentioned the fact that it was the work of a contractor for the State. I should have ? it "an old rejected rifle"

The brown barrel Rifle though having many defects, compares favorably in workmanship with the usual "Contract Works." The woods of which the Stock is made is not sufficiently seasoned, thereby preventing a proper finish, and will cause the locks to rush. The rifling is not such as I would receive, the barrell is "ring ?," which will cause it to lead very rapidly. The tumbler of the Locke is deficient in friction shoulder on upper side, and bridle does not rest true and square. The Ramrod is of Iron and worthless - should be of steel and ? made of iron it rusts and wears too quickly -

The Rifle exhibits a skill in the workman, which will enable him to manufacture a proper ?, if his attention is directed to the defects named.

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