Document concerning the pardon of Barney Fuller of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Fuller was convicted of gaming with an enslaved person, and sentenced to three months in the Tuscaloosa County Jail with a $20 dollar fine.


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To his Excellency Andrew B Moore Govenor of the State of Alabama

Your petitioner Barney Fuller of Tuscaloosa County, humbly represents to your Excellency that he was tried and convicted at the last Term of the Circuit Court for Tuscaloosa County. just closed upon an Indictment for gaming with a Slave; and was fined by Jury trying the case Seventy Dollars, and was sentenced by the Hon. W. S. Mudd, the presiding Judge to three months imprisonment in the county Jail.

Your petitioner further represents that this penalty is severe in the Extreme - and that the Jury trying the case rendered their verdict of guilty upon mere inferential and circum= stantial testimony, there being no portion of the testimony proving the guilt of your petioner.

Under this view of the case your petitioner prays your Excellency to remit the penalty at least in part: as your petitioner being verry poore and young will have to suffer the extreme meas= ure of the penalty above expressed. The Honl W. S. Mudd beleiving that my case is one deserving the Clemency of the Executive he recommends the writing and forwarding to your Excellency this petition, and says he will write with the friends of the petioner in praying your Excellency to remit a portion of the penalty. And your petioner will ever pray &c.

Tuscaloosa April 5th 1858 Barney Hutter

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We the undersigned citizens of Tuscaloosa County, Ala beleive that the facts set forth in the within petition Barnett Fuller are substantially correct, that the penalty upon said Fuller will operate as an extreme hardship upon him,- being as he is Extremely poor and quite young, And as such your petitioners deem the case of Barnett Fuller one deserving the Clemency of the Executive: and as such unite with him in praying your Ex cellency for his relief

G W Jennings E M Burton [Ma...? McGui...?] John. T. Roberts C Anders Jr. Sheriff C. W. Gay [Ew? (Edward?)] Peck A. S. Nicolson A. H. Browne Wm H Jemison H. T. Whitfield Jno N Cradwick E. [Cogan?] Alfred Robertson [ce..? cict.?] J C Moore E A Powell Jno S. Garwin Jo Thompson Jr Rolly Pounds Wm M Stone C. M. Cook Bennett Burks J J Samuel N L Whitfield [?]. H. Fitts. L V B Martin

I most willingly and readily unite with the above petitioners in their prayer for the relief of Barney Fuller. Wm S Mudd

For the reason assigned by Judge Mudd the balance of the imprisonment of Barnell Fuller is remitted

10th May 1858 A B Moore

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