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[Along left side] Edward H. Worrill I.L.C.C.C.

The State }
vs } Murder
Celestia Gazaway }

Bench Warrant
State of Georgia:
To all and Singular the Sheriffs, Coroner and
Constable of Said State....Greeting;
Whereas, at April Seven, in the year of our Lord
One Thousand eight hindred and fifty Eight of
Harris Superior Court a Bill of Indictment was found
true by the Grand Inquest of the County of Harris against
Celestia Gazaway for the offense of murder, to which
the Said Celestia Gazaway has not Answered or pleaded.
Now these are to Command You, that you take
into Custody the body of the Said Celestia Gazaway and
Convey her before Sone Judge of the Superior Court, Justice
of the Inferior Court, or Justice of the Peace, that She may
be dealt with as the law directs. Given under my hand
this 18th Day of May 1858.
Thad oliver
Soliciter General

Non Est inventus
July 5th 1858 Hardy Conett Depty Shff

State of Georgia
Harris County
I Nathaniel H. Barden Clerk of the
Superior Cout in and for Said County, so
Certify, that the above and foregoing Bill of Indictment and
Bench Warrnt, are true copies each, of the Originals now
of file in my office, in the Case of the State vs Celestia Gazazway
for the offence of Murder, with the entries thereon.
Given under my hand and the
Seal of the Superior Court, this
12th day of July S.D. 1858
Nath" H. Barden Clerk

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