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the Said John C. Gazaway was in the habit of drinking
and was then and they're about to drink, the said Celestia
Gazaway then and there will knowing the said John C.
Gazaway intended to drink said Spiritous liquors.
And that the said John C Gazaway on the twenty fifth day
of December in the year Eighteen Hundred and fifty Seven,
not then and there knowing that said poison was mixed
and mingled with the said Spiritous liquor, did take drink
and swallow down a certain quantity of said Spiritous
Liquor to wit, one half qill with which the said Strychnine
was so mixed and mangled by the said Celestia Gazaway
as aforesaid. By means where of he the said John C
Gazaway then and there became sick and greatly distempered
in body. And he the said John C Gasaway of the
poison aforesaid So by him taken drank and swallowed down
as aforesaid and of the Sickness occasionthereby from t
he said twenty fifth day of December Eighteen Hundred
and fifty Seven until the Twent Eighth day of
said month lingered and languished and on the day
and months last aforesaid died. And so the Jurors
aforesaid on their oaths as aforesaid due Say that him
the said John C Gasaway She the Said Celestia Gazaway
in manner and form as aforesaid did then and there willfully unlawfully
and of her malice of forethought kill and murder
Contrary to the laws up the Said State the good order peace
and dignity thereof.

Special presentment
of the Grand Jury
April [unclear] 1858
Thad Oliver
Sol Gen

True Bill
Flynn Hargett Foreman

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