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Alabama Continued 11

Marshall, John A.

Cumming, Malden &
Cumming, S. J.
Malden, T. H.
Smith, -----
Cumming, S. J.
Posey, J. W.

Montgomery County.
*Ball, George C.
Baldwin, Marion A.
Rice & Barritt
Rice, Samuel F.
Barritt, John H.
*Bibb, William J.
Bibb, Joseph B.
Bugbee & Son
Bugbee, Francis,
Bugbee, Thomas
*Campbell, David
Chapel, Francis C.
Chiltons & Gunter
Chilton, W. P.
Gunter, W. H.
Chilton, T. G.
Clanton, James H.
Cocke, N. W.
Colclough, Richard A.
Coleman, Walter L.
Du Val, Gabriel B.
Duncan, Wm. A.
Elmore, John A.
Felder & Fitzpatrick
Felder, Adam C.
Fitzpatrick, Elmore I.
Goldthwaite & Semple
Goldthwaite, George
Semple, Henry C.
*Gunter, Charles G.
Hilliard, H. W. & W. P.
Holtyclaw, I. T.
Jackson, Jefferson F.
Johnson, John F.
Judge, Thomas J.
Kerr, Elijah M.
Keyes, Wade
Martin, Baldwin & Sayre
Martin, Abram
Baldwin, Marion A.
Sayre, P. T.
*Matthews, George W.
*Moulton, Thomas J.
Noble, Jefferson
*Ogborne, William H.
Page, P. D.
Rice, Samuel F.
Saffold & Arrington
Saffold, M. I.
Arrington, Thos. M.
Sanford, John W. A.
Sayre, T. P.
*Seibels, J. J.
Semple, Henry C.
Shepherd, J. W.
*Shorington, Jack -----*Thorington
Watts, Judge & Jackson
Watts, Thomas H.
Judge, Thomas J.
Jackson, Jefferson F.
Williams & Workman
Williams, Thomas
Workman, D. H.
Woods & Murphy
Woods, Mike L.
Murphy, Virgil S.
Yancey & Culp
Yancey, William L.
Culp, William B.
Yancey, Wm. L. & Son
Yancey, William L.
Yancey, Benjamin C.

Morgan County.
Cook, William D. S.
*Garth, J. W.
Parker, Edward W.
Rather, John D.
Speak, Henry C.
Scruggs, Henry F.

†Campbell, William H.
Morrow, S. M.