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Executive Department
Montgomery, Ala. 24th March 1858

Dear Sir—

For several days I have been
engaged in endeavouring to find the
Manuscript of Prof. Tuomey's[?] Report,
I can find none, except that set
up, & printed, and several pages of
that is missing—The 12 pages which
remained to be printed have been
completed or corrected by you, and
the whole in pages regularly arranged

—It was my intention to enclose you
the printed matter, & the manuscript
for examination,—but the manuscript
is in such a condition that I am
afraid to send it by mail for fear
it may either lost, or so much
defaced, that the words may get into
a worse condition than it now is.

On consultation with some gentlemen
here, who take an interest in getting
out the Report, in as perfect a state
as circumstances will permit, & upon a
conference with Dr. Cloud, the present
Public Printer, who will print so much

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