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Daniel Gibson Father of Talley J Riker
the Convict W.A. Smith
Henraetta Gibson J.H. Hawkins
Wife of the Convict A B Ginner
M.V. Camp H. Semmler
B H. Warren off S.N. Saville
A. M. Mills
Young S. Bhodes J.P. Borden
RF Parkers W Grillou
JW Wilson Uriel Mallory
Quien Sykes C B Du Bose
D P Guffin Robt Hill
W.J. Allen Jessy Wahly
J W [Beal?] James A Saunders
James C. Wright Thos. A Lanier
Y L Wish J C Roberts
HB Carter K A McMills
[Z?] [?] Hall [illegible]
J.D. Cook N. A Gilmore
SB Woodward G M Spinks
JW Poole E M Jackson
D H Raney
G Allen E T Kemp
SB Paschal J T Wood
W P Hudnall J Nyman
John R Bays M S Tarver
Noah [Broadhou...?] John Finley
[?]Taylor E. N. Fenley
[Guinn?] J B Daniel
[?] Hardy S. Ferrell
Elijah Sikes
HB Callis James B. Brown
B M Brown M Telman
MI Meadon
WW Holden E J Allen
[J?] Holden Mr Campbell
[J.E.?] Holden W C J Adams
SD Smith M R [Bra--ield]
G Tillman Mr. H. Smith
Seabourn Gibson J W Mc Allen
EJ Makins Chas. W. Neill
R Rogers Hon S Cowin
Josef [Broadhed?] W V May
[J G?] Dunalsen [illegible]
A Dagit
Joseph R. [Byne?] H C Phillaps?
James Owens J.D. Hatter
W.M. Wells [ ? H Johnson]
W.A. Bain
J.R. Bain [Wm. Fancey?]
JA Brown Jno. W. Ellis
Robert Foster P. Magg?]
[?] Devlin Jesse J. Meadow
James J. Ezell
D Allen B.M. Smith
[?] Young [Danl McCall ?]
J E Hall Samuel Wurts
HH Smith J. Michelson
A.S. Pond
Moses Savage Chas C. McCall
William Wolles F. R. Smith
Samuel Wolleas L.A. Bryan
Ben H Rachley J J Nelson
Daniel Tucker B ? Thompson
William Welch A A Young
HB Howard A A Beall
RM [Hill...worth?] L. Poole
[H?] [?] [Corny?] [ ? Hudson]
Thomas [Flower?] S. A. Hill
[J. N.?] Whitted [William Nelson?]
C. Poole
Joseph [Compton?] [ ? R Ruttig?]
A. C. Spears
J.B. Howard A. H. Spears
JW Dunn J. L. Young
[?] Gilmore Robert Young
[T.E.?] Halsell [illegible]
John Robertson [? ? Yancey?]
C Carlisle
H Herrington Jones
James [?] G Vaughan
W. S. Smith A. A. Barfield
TJ Easterlong [H L -ielder?]
[G.M. Watson?]
[?] Tucker Wiley Burgess
Joseph Massey John Carder
Jason [illegible]
WH Borrus William M Rutledge
James M. Alford James M Todd
Wm H Taylor [illegible] [Hanover?]
[illegible] McCarty
M. [?] De[?] Wm Ward

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Maria the Elder

I am very sure that I did not do the columns correctly, but it is easier to read.