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To Hon A.B. Moore Governor of the State of Alabama The petition of the undersigned citizens of the County of Choctaw Respectfully shows that Willoughby Gibson late of said county is now Confined in The State Penitentiary That he was convicted in the Circuit Court of Sumter County in May 1857 to which County a change of [venue?] had been taken of Murder in the Second Degree, committed on the person of one Alexander Wilson of Choctaw [illegible] And that he was sentenced to Fifteen Years confinement in the State Penitentiary, and that he is now illegible confined therein and is serving out the time aforesaid Your petitioner, respectfully petitions Your Excellency to Discharge the Convict from his imprisonment and restore him to his liberty, on the following grounds for the following reasons [hereafter?] set forth, and as in duty bound they will ever pray That is he is A very poor man and May 1 1860 has a large & helpless family & that he is their only help & they need him very much

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Needs Review


[Column 1] [Column 2]
Daniel Gibson Father of Talley J Riker
the Convict W.A. Smith
Henraetta Gibson J.H. Hawkins
Wife of the Convict A B Ginner
M.V. Camp H. Semmler
B H. Warren off S.N. Saville
A. M. Mills
Young S. Bhodes J.P. Borden
RF Parkers W Grillou
JW Wilson Uriel Mallory
Quien Sykes C B Du Bose
D P Guffin Robt Hill
W.J. Allen Jessy Wahly
J W [Beal?] James A Saunders
James C. Wright Thos. A Lanier
Y L Wish J C Roberts
HB Carter K A McMills
[Z?] [?] Hall [illegible]
J.D. Cook N. A Gilmore
SB Woodward G M Spinks
JW Poole E M Jackson
D H Raney
G Allen E T Kemp
SB Paschal J T Wood
W P Hudnall J Nyman
John R Bays M S Tarver
Noah [Broadhou...?] John Finley
[?]Taylor E. N. Fenley
[Guinn?] J B Daniel
[?] Hardy S. Ferrell
Elijah Sikes
HB Callis James B. Brown
B M Brown M Telman
MI Meadon
WW Holden E J Allen
[J?] Holden Mr Campbell
[J.E.?] Holden W C J Adams
SD Smith M R [Bra--ield]
G Tillman Mr. H. Smith
Seabourn Gibson J W Mc Allen
EJ Makins Chas. W. Neill
R Rogers Hon S Cowin
Josef [Broadhed?] W V May
[J G?] Dunalsen [illegible]
A Dagit
Joseph R. [Byne?] H C Phillaps?
James Owens J.D. Hatter
W.M. Wells [ ? H Johnson]
W.A. Bain
J.R. Bain [Wm. Fancey?]
JA Brown Jno. W. Ellis
Robert Foster P. Magg?]
[?] Devlin Jesse J. Meadow
James J. Ezell
D Allen B.M. Smith
[?] Young [Danl McCall ?]
J E Hall Samuel Wurts
HH Smith J. Michelson
A.S. Pond
Moses Savage Chas C. McCall
William Wolles F. R. Smith
Samuel Wolleas L.A. Bryan
Ben H Rachley J J Nelson
Daniel Tucker B ? Thompson
William Welch A A Young
HB Howard A A Beall
RM [Hill...worth?] L. Poole
[H?] [?] [Corny?] [ ? Hudson]
Thomas [Flower?] S. A. Hill
[J. N.?] Whitted [William Nelson?]
C. Poole
Joseph [Compton?] [ ? R Ruttig?]
A. C. Spears
J.B. Howard A. H. Spears
JW Dunn J. L. Young
[?] Gilmore Robert Young
[T.E.?] Halsell [illegible]
John Robertson [? ? Yancey?]
C Carlisle
H Herrington Jones
James [?] G Vaughan
W. S. Smith A. A. Barfield
TJ Easterlong [H L -ielder?]
[G.M. Watson?]
[?] Tucker Wiley Burgess
Joseph Massey John Carder
Jason [illegible]
WH Borrus William M Rutledge
James M. Alford James M Todd
Wm H Taylor [illegible] [Hanover?]
[illegible] McCarty
M. [?] De[?] Wm Ward

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Needs Review


[Column 1] [Column 2]
David Bryan J.J. Spinks
JR Watts
EC Smith Jas M ?
LP Harris Irven Hurst
HW Winders G Frank Smith
James J [Foster?] C.L. Watson
[?] Suenus V Wells
David [Kinder?] Marshall [Annor?]
William Woodward Sr. Seth Poole
Isaac Barr [illegible]
Richard Powell [illegible] McLauchlin
Jno. T Cook John McLauchlin
Samuel Halsell G Whitten
James E Johnson James G. Slater
Mathew Fenell William Mitchell
[A--?] Lawson Robt Tagert
John W Gilmore, jr B. J. Jinkins
William Y. Peteet Allen Jinkins
Orson Shaw W. R. North
[?]Y Harris D. Sturdevant
SM Knighton A. Jackson
John A Smith J.E. Gibson
[illegible] James Philen
Delaware Devin J.C. Chapman
LL Hall Henry Bonner
EW Jordan Seaborne Bonner
[?] Keahey A.K. McDonald
James L Ezell John Carney
John Root Vining Jacobs
Jesse Kelly B.D. Moseley
FW Waller Wiley Harbin
James R Derwett James Slaughter
A Moore Henderson Brock
E Jinkins Jas J Pharos
James Moore Wm P Lenoir
A Lasiter A P Martin
Wm L Chappell R P Macon
Joshua Mclean Andrew Martin
Wm. R Tubbervill John Martin
[?] Carney Wm Turner
Joseph Ivy
JJ Nix
FJ Thompson
Robert Pickett
RJ Sims
Wm. R Gibson
N Buxton
JA Thompson
JW Mozingo
GW Butts
TT Dair
JH Skinner
Jesse L Braswell
Henry S Wright
[C. H Varnor?]
WJ Warrick
Robert Nix
John Boney
H Carney
DW Wrigt
N Wilkinson
JL Lanoir
TD Williams
JH Quinn
HL Hendrick

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